Met Jan 17 2

I continue to write on Met.
early twenty century American's exhibition is beside MIddle Age.
It seemed to brighten up place suddenly when i went to it.

How beautiful sculpture is!!!!
 Harriet Whitrey Frishmuth's works  "In Vine"

I noticed It depends on the viewing angle that i see the work.
First photo's view is look like girl or feminine man.

This view seems to woman.
Lithe body.Just like" Vine".

Accouding to Wikipedia,She prefreed the model as dancer.
I got it why this is beautiful.

great works.

When i walked in museum,i found out other great works.



The author is Jasper Johns.
I like he's sence of propotion which grayish colors,simple motif.
I seached him by internet after got back to home.

He is most famous artist in United States.
Have you seen this?


Usually,we can see this in MOMA.(i saw before)
And this replica is desplayed on the wall in my school.
Even though i saw just "flag" i didn't care his works honestly.haha
Some times i happen to do this kind of miracle.
So,i don't spop to go museum,to see art.

By the way,It was blizzard the weekend in NY.


I haven't seen a lot of snow except for ski resort.haha