July 2

Sometimes I feel that a great book calls me and I buy it unexpectedly.
I like reading books at the book cafe near my house.
It one of my favorite spots.
Although I never felt nostalgia for Japan,The cafe sometimes reminds me of when I was in Ny.
When I was in the cafe,I found the book which is about Georgia O'Keeffe.
Some books,kind of art books,photo book are prohibited by the cafe,so I used to read the book in cafe.
One day, I was supposed to read the book,but I couldn't find it.
I thought what's happen!?
Suddenly I asked for the staff.
She told me  stuff changed to arrange on the bookshelf after few days.
Because the bookshelf are used as art space.
That's why I couldn't find the book which is Georgia O'Keeffe.
We can't help it,so I tryed to read another book until end of the exhibition.
I found the interested book which is essey of Katagiri Hiri.
The author is really famous actor,but I hadn't known that she wrote books.
The title is Guatemala of my young brother.
Her young brother seems to live in Guatemala,but she hadn't known where her brother were in before.
I got into her,so I started to read the book.
I really enjoyed reading about it.
Sometimes It became sort of funny show,and impressed to me.
She is really good at writing a essay.
Her essay says,when my brother still was in Japan,he was calling to his friend,and he said
"I really like taking off airport in Japan.
She heard  and understood  why he crazy about living foreign country.
I can understand feeling as him.
As long as you aren't really like Japanese food,you can live another country absolutely.
In my case,I don't care about food.
That's why I never miss Japan.haha 
His wife is good at cooking,so he never feels sad.
 Food is very important for life.